sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

Ghost in Phone

Now you have the power, you can call a being beyond in your phone or better than that, You can call a ghost in your friends phones,

Take your friends phones, enter a Riddle and an Answer and press the Ghost button to start the party. They're phone will start to make more and more stranges sounds and will appear in their screen severals ghost, they will only be able to exorcism hitting the question.

When you think you got it, press the ghost button and set the device inside of the curse

Call The ghost and let your friend to find the answer.

Send a Ghost to a friend with the Riddle and the Answer that you choose

It's simple:
1. Write a Riddle
2. Write an Answer
3. Send the joke to a friend to Call a Ghost in his phone with your Riddle.

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