martes, 28 de mayo de 2013

More Icons Widget 2.0

This is Android and here there are no rules to customize your phone cause the widgets, little apps that will make enjoy you all your desktop.

If you need more space in your main Window. Do not waste your time using more than your home screen and put all the icons that you want to in your primary scene!

You can put them bigger an bigger or with differents shapes and enter More Icons.

Let your phone be like you, personal in your own way.

How to enter in Widgets

The first thing that you have to do is enter in apps and then select Widgets on the top

Find the More Icons Widget 2.0 widget and press it for a while

A several models of Widgets will appear, scroll them horizontally and select one group of buttons

Press the top buttons and them press the bottom list to make the top buttons works when they stay on the Desktop.

You can Select more than one app for one icon and the clicks will increase
If you want to erase one app from an icon, press for a while the app.
If you want to clean a top button press for a while the top button.

You can search writting on the search bar and them push Done keyboard button (bottom right).
Finally press Save button (Right Bottom Floppy Disk Button)

Finally you will have your widget on your windows and you'll be able to change it's size.

Add all icons that you want and enjoy with your new customized scenario

We hope you like this app and find it easy to use.

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