martes, 16 de diciembre de 2014

Hula Hoop: Faster than tap

Tap the screen, don't touch the woody Cables and start playing the most frenetic game in the google play store

Touch the screen and make the Hula Hoop fight VS the Birds, be carefull with the Worst Moustache coin ever and avoid Dragons and Rockets.

Forget Ads, no more In-apps only Enjoy the game TOTALLY FREE!

Play on Google Play Store:                                                     Play on your PC:                                                      

Look Your friends Playing at:

Your Army:

Slide Down!

On the cables that having a steep slope slide down like a toboggan this will increase your score and your speed.


Do not be afraid to climb, when you find a up cable go agead faster as you can to run faster and get more push to defeat the enemy.

Beat Your enemies!

To defeat your adversaries, you will be able to avoid them letting them pass throught the center of the Hula Hoop or outside. You can kill your enemies touching them. The laughting coins and the Red Rockets are your frieds, use them to defend your self and run faster.

Be careful because a shock with your enemies could be fatal.

Earn Coins

smiling currencies are your best allies touch them to create a barrier or carry them to get more score.

Danger Danger new Enemies appearing:

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