miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2018

Popcorn Quiz

Popcorn Quiz

It now easier than ever to create a game but to create a good game is not that easy as it sound.
Our friends of Potatoes Chips Studios has released Popcorn Quiz a great game where you have to guess where the object of a film that appears in a unique environment and a very good quality colors palette and images. The game is totally different, fast to play and so enjoyable that you won't be able to play only one level each time.

 Where did you see that objects? Desplicable Me, Inception, Matrix, Hancock


Popcorn quiz icon iOS, AndroidIf you would like to remember the feelings of the films that you have seen with only one image of an object that appears there or you want to feel how much do you know about cinema, this is your Game

Another point that has impressed me is that the game is 100% free, you can pay if you want to help the developers but in general you can play until the end without paying a penny which is a very gratefully feature that not every game of this genre has.

Heart, 3D Glasses and Star
Then we have their easy to use Power ups that will let you continue playing even if you don't know the answer or the question is a little bit trycky. You can use the Star to solve directly a level or the 3D glasses if you want to get a clue erasing a wrong answer. There is another Power up, the Share, that is amaything and let you ask your firends or family about the Riddle or the question, I use it sometimes to publish in twitter and post a easy post with a question "Where did you see that object?

Unfourtuanately, not everithing is perfect, I would like a longer game because you start playing and in 2 or 3 days you pass all the levels, I hope they continue working on it and release more and more objects for this incredible game.

Personally, another thing that I would like to change is the presence of TV Series, I know that they include only famous TV Series like The Big Bang Theory or remarcable like Stranger Things, and they even have classics like Friends but is true that sometimes I feel they would be in another game for TV Series, but as I said it's totally personal.

I leave an quote of their description in google play:

"Popcorn Quiz is a free game full of fun where you have to guess famous objects that appears in hundred of films"

Totally true.

To sum up, You have to install it, you won't regret. You can play Popcorn Quiz here:

Please leave a comment about this game and let us know if you like this kind of games or you would like us to find out something different.

And don't forget to tell Us "Where did you see that object?" ;)

Reservoir Dogs, Harry Potter, The lord of the ring, Labyrinth